Countering Elitism in Medical School Admissions

This article resonates with me so much. Representing lower socioeconomic classes in the medical establishment is absolutely crucial and is what will hopefully enable us to push for more radical and needed health care reform in the future.

“But more recent studies have also revealed that MCAT scores are significantly influenced by a student’s race, gender and socioeconomic background. Observers have noted, too, that a large and lucrative industry has developed around MCAT preparation; and students who could not afford the substantial tuition or time required by such prep courses were finding themselves at a disadvantage.

In response, a few medical schools and the Association of American Medical Colleges began to experiment with a different approach to admissions. Instead of using grades and MCAT scores as cut-off points to whittle down the initial applicant pool, they began assessing those numbers in the context of life experiences, socioeconomic status, cultural and ethnic background, gender identity and the medical school’s particular mission, be it to produce research scientists, compassionate clinicians or both.”


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