Health Disparities in Our Own Backyard

It has been quite some time since my last post. Qualifiers (the only thing close to finals at my school) consumed some time, but it was actually my recent engagement ceremony that predominantly preoccupied me for the past month. Spring break served as a much needed respite and I’ve truly come back feeling rejuvenated. Being away from my classmates made me realize how close I have become with some of them. My class certainly feels more like a family now and the sentiment is reassuring as this is the community I was craving when I began medical school. I cannot stress this enough to other students who are currently in the process of choosing which school they will ultimately enroll in: take the time to talk to as many students as possible to see if the school is a place you see yourself being supported and happy throughout an inevitably stressful academic journey. This is key when making the decision….

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