Power, Privilege, and Clinical Reasoning

“What has been your favorite part of medical school so far?”

To my surprise, I did not hesitate, swiftly responding, “The opportunity to finally learn clinical reasoning skills.”

Well, and also to engage in health advocacy work.

Reflecting back now on the reasons why I ultimately chose medicine over law as a means to pursue health justice issues, I can understand why this would be my answer. I originally started college as an engineering major. It may sound trite, but I genuinely enjoyed working through problem sets for introductory classes like physics and applied math. There was only one clear-cut “correct” answer, although getting there was what facilitated the entire learning process. I never liked memorizing things, certainly not formulas. My preference was always to derive them first from the very beginning despite knowing that I would never on earth have time to repeat such a procedure during an actual exam. And would eventually have to memorize them anyway…

Read full article originally published on Aspiring Docs Diaries


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