Working with the Emergency Department Practice Management Association

Being an EMRA/EDPMA scholar this past year was an invaluable experience. I learned tremendously about the active role that the organization is taking to protect emergency medicine practice, particularly during these difficult times. They have worked hard to support emergency medicine physicians in caring for an increasingly uninsured population with strategies such as conducting presumptive charity screening for self-pay patients. 

The organization has also consistently developed tools to optimize emergency practice for this pandemic as well as any other critical access crisis. Specifically, they have addressed preparation for COVID-19 rebound, rotation of telemedicine, cost containment, and alternative service lines. In addition to supporting emergency physicians directly, I was part of the committee that specifically helped inform legislation such as on the state tele health insurance coverage model. 

As part of the legal advocacy efforts, a thorough evaluation of existent legislation such as State Out of Network laws was conducted as well. This evaluation was subsequently utilized to support or oppose state-based legislation in a targeted and strategic manner. This effort gave me incredible insight as to how significant of an impact state legislation has on daily clinical practice even though the focus is often placed on federal legislation. For instance, in response to legislation proposed by the Michigan Senate committee, EDPMA responded with specific requests for amendments such as requiring insurers to reimburse providers directly and allowing batching of similar claims for similar services. Ultimately, my experience as an EMRA/EDPMA scholar was very informative and I would recommend any training emergency physician to pursue this opportunity to learn more about optimizing their practice within a constantly evolving legal landscape.


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